Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are you located?

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As long as you are in the region, we can meet.

2. Will you relocate?

For now, no. If working remotely online is fine with you, then I would prefer with that. But if you want to sponsor me the whole relocate expenses, we could talk.

3. Are you available for full time work?

I can work continuously with you for months or years, but with freelance or contract basis. I prefer ventures, rather than paid salary. I'm more satisfied with that.

4. Can you come down to our office for a few days?

Usually no but it depends on your location and the needs of the project.

5. Do you work alone or have a team?

I work alone. But I will create and manage the creative team if the project need them.

6. Can I invite you for a seminar or any projects collaboration?

Sure! I am gladly to share what I know. Collaboration? Would love to!


7. How much do you charge?

It depends. I works for like everyday and making sure the projects completed in my creative direction. My client's range right now are wide. It also depends on the difficulty of the project and how much resources I needed to have before starting the project.

8. How long will you complete the task?

You can read about my work process here.

9. I have no money, but have an idea. Will you collaborate?

I am fully understand the difficulties of starting a pilot project from an idea. I would love to collaborate with minimal budget, as long as I will receive a minimum benefits for a certain period during the project progress.

10. What will I get from your creative doings?

I will submit to you the PDF file (for printing purposes), PNG/JPEG file (for online promotion) and SVG file (for future editing) if requested.

11. What tools do you use?

I use Affinity Designer (comparable with Adobe Illustrator) and Affinity Photo (comparable with Adobe Photoshop. For book editing, I use Microsoft Publisher and for comics and digital illustration, I use Krita. I use Sketchup for 3D interior design if needed.

12. Will you sign a contract?

Of course, I will sign a contract but I will be the one who write the contract in plain English.

13. What if I don't receive as what I imagined?

Creativity is subjective. There is always risk you won't accept the creative logo or icon as what you imagine. Rest assured that the design process you will through is filtering what you imagine. If the final result have a minor changes you need me to do, I will gladly change it for you.


I won't do printing, as clients always could print the design on their own with the cheapest price they could look for. I also won't design or illustrate something my religion forbids me to do, like nude models or anything oppose to the peace of people and country. I won't entertain those who would like me to continue other designer's work as well.

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