1. Let's Meetup

First, we meet up in anywhere you think good for the discussion. I will ask you about your business model, whether you do business or not, and I will find way on how to help you to achieve your target or solve your issues. Later, the proposal come.

2. Research AND Analyse

I do some survey with your existing customer or targetted new segment on how they perceived with your brand. I will analyse your brand footprints, online and offline. Then, I will suggest and even plan on how you could improvise the issue.

3. Concept Visualizing

This is my stronghold. Helping you to visualize the solution creatively. Helping you to be a little bit different is my passion. I will help you to think about the name, design the identity, brainstorming the line and do the thinking process for you.

4. Design Technical

After the ideas approved, I will continue the technical work. Expanding the materials, duplicating the concept and rearrange the layout accordingly. I will make sure that everything is designed with purpose and be useful in the future.

5. Submission

I think this is your favourite part. Once completed, I will submit the design by email with files that you need. PDF, PNG and JPEG mainly, depending on the needed works. Before the submission, I will finalize the total investment that you will agree. I will pass the rights of usage to you, my respected client.

How long will it take?

It totally depends on how much are the works and the process I need to follow. But basically, let's assume you just need the standard specification of the things below.

Visual Branding
(for small business)

7-14 days

(100 pages book)

3-4 months

(per drawing)

1-2 days

(for marketing & publishing)

5 days

Book Layout
(100 pages book)

14 days


2 hours Max.

Does it fit with your timeline?





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