I'm Irfan Foner.
I help you visualizing your ideas.

Everyday people feel stucked at some place. Whether they like it or not, they still have to do something to get them out of the drain.

I am a concept visualizer. I help you to visualize your idea and make it useable repeatedly. That's save money, a lot.

How I started

I once a comic artist back in 2009-2013. I used to publish 2 comic books, 1 self-published book and a dozen of venture comics with other artists. From here, I learned about technical skill of drawing, developing solutions from an issues and making proposal.

I was graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia in Gombak back in 2014 in Applied Arts & Design (Interior Design) majoring. A 4 years learning about design, makes me understood, how big the creative industry is.

Here, I learned about the proper way of making design and arts, design thinking and technical skills of doing design.

I build my own startup, focusing on my passion, comics. But not me who draw, I managed to gather more than hundreds young comic artist to publish their comic series on our platform. Here, I learned the hardships of collaboration and talents management.

In 2016, I was invited to build a joint company with education group of companies with focusing on creative branding and education module development. I used to work with kindergarten company, schools and other educational institutes. Here, I learned the proper way of structuring company and the hardship of managing resources, as well as managing the creative business with procedures. Here too, I learned about branding and maintaining good relationship with good values.

In 2018 until now, I am working with a content innovation company, focusing my position as a concept visualizer. I design the products, mostly for the content delivery, suitable for anyone who loves to learn a difficult topic in an interesting way. Here, I still learning how to deliver more values and hacking process and strategy. It's all about thinking and doing here.

With the current skills and values I have, how do you think I can help you?

What I believe

Has a good relationship, despite you hate it

Everything start with issues. Solve creatively

There is no such thing as wasted efforts

Never stop learning

What I love

Comics Talk

Respect & Being Respected

Sharing What I Learned

Design Thinking

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