Strategic Visual Branding

I don't call myself as designer. I am acknowledge in branding and visualizing with purpose. I help my client so they won't waste their money and resources on things they won't get the result. In strategic visual branding, I will start with client's business model, analysis of internal and external factor, before producing the creative solution to achieve client's goal.

Creative Projects Management
(Art Direction, Comics & Illustration)

This is the service where I decide and manage the direction of project's creativity. The client will rest assured that all the process will be taken care of and will be delivered accordingly per discussion, as the God will. The challenge of managing creative project is handling the creative persons, timeline and resources.

Visualizing Content

Visualizing content can also mean helping you communicating your offers to your respected audiences visually. People loves visual. It's easier to understand. Contents can be delivered strategically despite having differences in selected audiences. I will make sure the content impressed by your audience, no matter what it takes.

Talk & Consultation on Creative Freelancing

I do loves helping other creative persons to be successful in this industry. I may not a successful person myself. But I would like not to keep the knowledge I have for myself. I loves to share what I know. If possible, we could collaborate and we could share the projects as well!

Comics Mentoring

Comics are my passion. I love reading comics. And I would love to encourage a young comic artist to go further in this career. I accept those who would like to learn how to be a better comic artist. Whether you are a creative person yourself or you have children who loves to draw, I would love to meet you!

Who I would like to work with?

Educational Institute (Kindergarten, School, Learning Centre etc)

Small & Medium Business

Corporates Sector

Creative Freelancer

College/ University Student who passionates in comics & drawing

Parents with child who loves drawing

Interested but need more guidance?

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