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Startlah Branding & Product Development

This is the venture project that I still working on. The client is an innovation and business training company. I help them develop their product identity, content development and planning their creative approach. Here I learned about the richness of content. Here, I still learning how to deliver more values and hacking process and strategy. It's all about thinking and doing here.

Boro Boro F&B Branding

This is also a venture project that I still working on. The client is an F&B company, enhancing lifestyle with cool drinks and delicious food. They needed a hipster style with scalable and usable design. Here I learned about creating a complete brand for F&B company, something I would never do before.

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Infographic Contents

This is where most of my works define what I do. I am passionate on delivering educational content in any possible creative ways with purpose. Infographic is one of the solution I suggest for those who has a lot to tell. Most of my clients here are from educational institute, innovation company and startups.

Educational Comics

I used to draw comics. But right now I love to propose more comic projects and manage the process. I appreciate the different types of message, genre, story and approach by various clients I encounter. It was challenging yet fun. Comics are an interesting way to explain about complex subject in a relaxing surrounding.

Branding For Education Institute

Most of my clients came from educational institutes, such as kindergarten, school, learning centre and even college. Directing visual brand for education centre is fun, lots of colours and very intellectual. My vision is one day I hope educational institute will survive by their own, fully utilize their resources and alumni.

Book and Content Layout for Publishing

As the clients came for educational institute and education background, it happens to me that designing book and content layout is a must for producing module and book for publishing. I love this task so much as I could be the part of book production and become a history. Book and content layout is essential in providing an evergreen mood for the property, thus it could sustain in the market as long as possible.

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